Biocom Institute

The Biocom Institute is the gold standard in life science knowledge. As a national leader, we have built our reputation on being responsive to industry needs. Job seekers, life science professionals and the public come to the Institute to accelerate their careers through training. Organizations work with us to connect with communities, build business and inspire innovation.


As a national leader, the Biocom Institute is responsive to industry needs and provides scientists and non-scientists with the business acumen and industry vocabulary that leads to innovation.

The Biocom Institute's key programs and partnerships include.

Veteran Mentorship Program

The Goal of the Biocom Institute Veteran mentorship program is to provide local veterans interested in obtaining gainful employment in the following sectors: biotechnology, medical devices, wireless health, and similar fields, meaningful career readiness experiences.

San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering

The Festival serves to raise awareness of the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education and to inspire Southern California's youth to pursue education and careers in these rewarding fields. Dont forget festival week is March 15-22nd!

Coalition of State Bioscience Institutes (CSBI)

The Biocom Institute is a founding member of CSBI which serves as an umbrella for standard practice sharing, joint fund raising and national initiatives for life science education (student education, career exploration and teacher professional development); workforce development (workforce training, incumbent worker professional development, dislocated worker training); and entrepreneurship.

Women In Bio (WIB)

The Biocom Institute serves on the steering committee for the Southern California WIB chapter.