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We are not accepting in house interns, please see resources below.

Youth Entrpreneurship Program (YEP)

The Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP) teaches students how to make a job, instead of take a job. YEP offers a wide variety of programs that both motivate and educate high school and college students on how to take charge of their future. Whether you are a student, educator or business YEP can help you reach new levels of success. YEP offers competitions, such as Pitch It! and the Marketing Campaign Challenge, business start-up consulting, guest speakers for your classroom, freelance projects, internships and more.

Life Sciences Summer Institute (LSSI)
In collaboration with the San Diego Workforce Partnership, BIOCOM has developed a program to give students and high school teachers exposure to the life sciences industries. This program, which is supported by Biogen-Idec and the Southern California Biotechnology Consortium (SCBC), involves a one-week 'boot camp' followed by an internship at a local life science company.

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Salk Institute High School Summer Enrichment Program
High School students and teachers from throughout the San Diego area gather at the institute every summer to participate in hands-on laboratory experiences under the mentorship of a Salk scientist. Students and teachers work side-by-side with the scientists, and teachers have the opportunity to bring back research projects to their classrooms.

Education Outreach Programs at the Scripps Research Institute (TSRI)
As one of the country's leading basic biomedical research institutions, The Scripps Research Institute has made a commitment to the science education community to use its intellectual and material resources to expose high school students, middle/high school science teachers and undergraduates to contemporary issues in biomedical research, to provide intensive, hands-on laboratory experiences, and to encourage students to pursue scholarship and careers in the biological and chemical sciences.

UC San Diego Science Education and Exploration (UCSD SEE)

  • Internship Programs include: Bioengineering Department Industrial Internship Program for undergraduate students, Birch Aquarium Volunteer & Internship Program, and Undergraduate Internships in Natural Resources.
  • Continuing Education for Teachers include: Center for Research in Educational Equity, Assessment and Teaching Excellence (CREATE), DNR, CHUM/SDUSD Teacher Training, COPC Science Enrichment Program (COPC SEC), Eastern Sierra Watershed Project, TeacherTECH, and UCSD Extension Education Department.
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Programs for Students

COSMOS (California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science)
Designed specifically for talented and motivated high school students, the California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science is a 4-week residential summer program that is open to high school students entering ninth through exiting twelve-grade who have demonstrated interest and achievement in math and science. This intensive experience is intended to encourage the brightest and most promising young minds to continue their interest in these fields.

Human BioMolecular Research Institute Scientific Summer Internship
HBRI offers summer internships in Biology (Molecular and Cell) and Chemistry open to motivated high school students interested in developing their scientific expertise. Internships last 8-10 weeks full time during the summer.

La Jolla Institute for Molecular Medicine (LJIMM)
LJIMM sponsors scientific internship programs in various disciplines of biomedical research for college and high school students. Students have an opportunity to gain real world experience and participate in an educational and mentoring experience under the direction of key laboratory scientists. Student Internships are available during the summer months and throughout the academic year.

Marine Technology Institute San Diego Summer Internship
The MTS Program will provide a six-week summer experience for motivated high school students, hosted by one of MTS's corporate sponsors. Students will be provided with a hands-on science/technology experience, building important scientific, technical and employment skills under the direction of a workplace mentor.

San Diego Zoo InternQuest
San Diego Zoo InternQuest is a program that provides high school students interested in pursuing careers in the life sciences (biology, zoology, human or veterinary medicine, wildlife management, botany, etc.) with the opportunity to learn from Zoo experts. Students in this program will learn about such subjects as conservation, pathology, genetics, veterinary medicine, animal behavior, reproductive physiology, ecology, and more.

Medical Student Training Program, Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship is a UCSD internship program designed for motivated undergraduate students who are interested in learning about a career in biomedicine and the medical sciences.

UCSD Biotechnology Internship Opportunities (BIO)
This Undergraduate Internship Program is a collaboration between the Division of Biological Sciences and local biotech companies that provides outstanding Biology students at UCSD with an opportunity to participate in research within an industrial setting.

CONNECT2Careers, operated by the San Diego Workforce Partnership, establishes a new approach to preparing our region's future workforce by creating meaningful paid work experiences beyond the typical summer job.

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Other Websites Where Relevant Internships Are Posted

Southern California Biotech Center at Miramar College: To fill out an application and be matched with internship opportunities.

Biocom Career Center: Post resumes and search for jobs.
The San Diego Biotech Education Consortium includes BIOCOM and local community colleges and universities. These pages have been created to give industry and students a common place to meet. Companies can post internships and students can browse the postings on the internship bulletin.

San Diegans looking for local companies should search "Biotech Beach" in the Hotbed Communities field of the search form.

Biotechnology Internships
The San Diego Biotechnology Education Consortium has a listing of biotechnology internships in the San Diego area. Employers offering internships may post openings here.

San Diego Science Alliance (SDSA)
Check "internships" under Type of Program/Resource section and make additional selections

San Diego State University
Listing of internships available by department.

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