Deals and Data

Deals and Data

Takeda and BioXcel to repurpose compounds into treatments for rare diseases. (GEN News, 04/09/15)

UCSD’s new study shows brain scans of possibly autistic infants and toddlers can predict whether they will develop normal language skills. (U-T San Diego, 04/09/15)

TRACON Pharmaceuticals amends license agreement with Case Western Reserve University to focus on development of new targeted therapeutics for cancer, age-related macular degeneration and fibrotic diseases. (PBR, 04/09/15)

New research from Monsanto suggests that the stability of long dsRNAs in the gut lumens of inspects plays a key role in their sensitivity to eRNAi. (GenomeWeb, 04/10/15)

Novo Nordisk opens new manufacturing facility in Russia for formulation and filling of modern insulin to treat diabetes. (PBR, 04/13/15)

Celgene takes $45 million minority stake in Mesoblast; gains 6 month ROFR on mesenchymal lineage adult stem cell product candidates designed to treat a variety of diseases and disorders. (GEN News, 04/13/15)

Ichor Medical Systems partners with Janssen Pharmaceuticals to develop DNA-based vaccines. (U-T San Diego, 04/13/15)

Pfizer’s Phase III study of palbociclib for breast cancer meets primary endpoint: progression-free survival. (FierceBitoech, 04/15/15)

U.S. health regulators approve Amgen’s Corlanor to treat patients with chronic heart failure. (Reuters, 04/15/15)

UC San Diego and the J. Craig Venter Institute recruit big data researchers from Google, MIT, and the University of Colorado to sift through biomedical research via high-speed computers and smart software. (U-T San Diego, 04/15/15)

Synthetic Genomics launches new DNA workstation that assembles high-quality DNA sequences almost from scratch. (U-T San Diego, 04/15/15)

Bayer Healthcare to build $100 million product testing facility to support the company’s next generation treatment for patients with hemophilia A. (GEN News, 04/15/15)

DermTech raises $2.4 million; to launch pigmented lesion assay with US dermatologists this year. (GenomeWeb, 04/16/15)

AbbVie’s investigational once-daily oral therapy for genotype 1 chronic hepatitis C gets priority review from Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. (PharmaTimes, 04/16/15)

Sanofi and Innate Pharma collaborate to create new Antibody Drug Conjugates. (PharmaTimes, 04/16/15)

Takeda Pharmaceutical and Kyoto University’s center for iPS Cell Research Application to develop clinical applications of induced pluripotent stem cells. (GEN News, 04/17/15)

Merck files app to market PD-1 checkpoint inhibitor for treatment of patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer. (PharmaTimes, 04/19/15)

Eli Lilly’s autoimmune treatment meets main Phase III goals in psoriatic arthritis trial. (FierceBiotech, 04/20/15)

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