Deals and Data

Deals and Data

Zogenix sells Zohydro ER opioid painkiller business; focus shifts from pain relief medications to development of products for central nervous system disorders. (U-T San Diego, 03/10/15)

Salk Institute scientists adapt powerful bacterial defense technology to remove HIV from infected cells. (U-T San Diego, 03/10/15)

European Commission expands use of Novo Nordisk’s Tresiba to include children and adolescents with diabetes aged one to 17 years. (PharmaTimes, 03/11/15)

Study by San Diego State University and Salk Institute shows limiting flies to specific eating hours protects their hearts against aging. (SDSU NewsCenter, 03/12/15)

Takeda gets positive recommendation for its inflammatory bowel disease drug Entyvio. (FiercePharma, 03/13/15)

Biogen Idec, Eli Lilly, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer join U.K. government and its leading charity against dementia to create a $100 million fund. (GEN News, 03/17/15)

EU approves Novartis’ Jakavi for the treatment of adult patients with PV, a rare and incurable blood cancer, who are resistant to or intolerant of hydroxyurea. (RTT News, 03/17/15)

FDA finds no new safety problems in GlaxoSmithKline’s respiratory treatment for chronic breathing problems. (Reuters, 03/17/15)

UCSD creates Crowdsurf, a crowdfunding site to bring in money for projects as different as electric car research and renovating a baseball park. (U-T San Diego, 03/17/15)

UCSD recruiting for study to determine whether living with a canine improves the human microbiome; canine saliva may join yogurt as probiotic source. (U-T San Diego, 03/17/15)

AbbVie to expand operations in Puerto Rico in $30 million and 100 job expansion. (BioSpace, 03/18/15)

UCSD supercharges new gene engineering technology, enabling engineered gene to spread on its own throughout an organism. (U-T San Diego, 03/19/15)

Illumina begins shipping new TruSight sequencing panel focused on genes associated with inherited heart conditions like sudden cardiac death. (GenomeWeb, 03/19/15)

Sanofi and Evotec ink $270m R&D strategic alliance where Sanofi will focus on developing multiple products. (GEN News, 03/20/15)

Eli Lilly and Innovent Biologics to co-develop and co-commercialize at least three cancer treatments over the next decade. (GEN News, 03/20/15)

Takeda gains exclusive rights to ImmunoGen’s antibody-drug conjugate tech, including new DNA-acting IGN payload agents for targeted anti-cancer treatments for up to two undisclosed targets. (GEN News, 03/23/15)

Pfizer and Eli Lilly to resume Phase III clinical program for tanezumab, a chronic pain treatment. (GEN News, 03/23/15)