Capital Development

The environment for raising money to fund life science companies continues to be difficult. Private and public money is available for those who can set themselves apart from the crowd and unequivocally demonstrate they have the expertise, team and assets to meet today's stringent investment criteria. In this challenging economic environment, Biocom recognizes that life science companies need increased access to capital, and Biocom will continue to offer programs that help member companies tap into various financing resources.


Biocom works aggressively to facilitate and attract more investment in Biocom members and the Southern California region.

Venture Days

Biocom, began facilitating Venture Days in 2010. This program is designed to connect member companies to venture capitalists from around the US.

Partner Days

Biocom began facilitating Partner Days in 2012. The Partner Days program brings buyers and sellers together to discuss potential partnerships, licensing opportunities and/or M&A deals.

SoCal Facts

Southern California is a powerhouse for life sciences.

Products in Development

The Southern California life science community has an extremely robust pipeline. Through this database you can search a variety of different ways.

Global Life Science Partnering Conference

One of our premier events is the Global Life Science Partnering Conference a cutting edge event that brings together senior executives and business development professionals from leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies to catalyze deal-making.