Biocom: Your Trusted Partner

Biocom is a member driven organization providing unmatched opportunities and resources to help life science companies and their employees fulfill their business goals and improve life through advancements in health, energy and agriculture. Biocom offers member companies meaningful access to the influential drivers propelling the industry forward across all major life science sectors, including biotechnology, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, medical device, connected health, agriculture and bio-renewable energy.



1. Save Your Company Money

Biocom offers members a comprehensive, volume-based savings portfolio comprised of more than 35 suppliers providing members with crucial bottom-line savings. Members who participate in Biocom's Purchasing Group can easily save more than they pay in annual membership dues and frequently recover their initial investment within the first quarter. We saved members $100 million in 2014.

2. Advocacy

We provide our members with government advocacy at the local, state and federal levels. We consider potential new legislation, monitor and weigh-in on proposed legislation and regulations and communicate positions taken by the organization's membership to regulatory bodies and elected leaders.

3. Increased Visibility

We are dedicated to promoting our member companies and their successes and goals while keeping membership apprised of current trends and issues that could impact their business while expanding their professional network through our 75 educational and networking events annually.

4. Capital Development

Biocom continues to aggressively seek more capital and investors to the region while leveraging existing sources of capital to fund life science companies for new and emerging sectors of the industry.

5. Workforce Development

The Biocom Institute serves as the bridge between learning institutions and life science companies to build comprehensive education initiatives that advance science literacy. We work to ensure we will have a prosperous and productive future for the industry and its workforce.

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"We joined Biocom to gain a better understanding of the biotech community here in San Diego and to attend some of the networking events. I really enjoyed the "Digitizing Life" panel discussion on Next-Gen sequencing."

Marcia Salvestrini,
Sr. Strategic Account Manager
Roche Diagnostics Corporation