Public Policy

Biocom has been driving advocacy/public policy initiatives for the region since its founding. A respected voice at San Diego City Hall, the State Capitol and in Washington D.C., Biocom has been successful in working collaboratively to pass legislation that is positive to the industry while working to defeat proposals that would be detrimental to the life science industry in Southern California. Biocom staff working at the federal, state and local level interact with relevant elected and appointed officials and other industry groups for the best interests of member companies.

Federal Affairs
Biocom has consistently worked to promote a regulatory and legislative environment that enables the life science industry to thrive. Biocom has established long-lasting relationships with both lawmakers and regulators in Washington DC, and continues to advocate for a more efficient FDA, a robust Medicare reimbursement system, adequate NIH funding, and innovation-friendly tax and trade policies, among others. Since January 2013, Biocom employs a full-time staff person in Washington DC, which is elevating Biocom's public policy efforts to an even higher level.

State Affairs
In addition to leveraging its own relationships, Biocom employs a contract lobbying firm to help represent its members' interests in Sacramento. This combination, in addition to multiple strategic partnerships, has led to many years of success for the life science industry in Sacramento in both promoting positive legislation (such as elimination of regulatory duplication) as well as defeat of harmful bills.

Local Affairs
Biocom's history started with advocacy at the local government level, and Biocom continues to maintain strong relationships with local municipal governments as well as the County of San Diego. Our long standing connections and partnerships have led to successful coalition building which has been instrumental in changing local policy and ensuring the life science industry remain prominent in the eyes of our local leaders.