Purchasing Group

The Biocom Purchasing Group has a comprehensive, volume-based savings portfolio comprised of more than 35 carefully vetted suppliers, providing members with crucial bottom-line savings. With offerings that include everything from lab supplies, to office supplies, to specialty gases and shipping, participating members can easily save upwards of 15-25 times their annual membership dues. Our mission is to provide members with the procurement resources needed to reduce the overall costs for products and services they need most. Let the Biocom Purchasing Group connect you to the savings.


Platinum and Gold Savings Portfolio

In an industry where companies need to maximize the value of every dollar they spend, the Biocom Purchasing Group provides members with significant volume-based discounts. Small member companies of 25 employees can expect to save an average of $60,000 per year while companies with more than 200 employees can expect to save an average of $700,000. Click here to learn how you can Save Now

Member to Member Discounts

This member-to-member program provides Biocom members the opportunity to offer other members discounted rates on their products, goods and services. Participation is free and a benefit of Biocom membership. This program is designed to increase exposure and benefit our provider-level members while greatly enhancing the discount offering to the overall Biocom membership. There are multiple branding and promotion opportunities available for member companies who offer discounts through Biocom media channels. Find out more about our Member to Member Discounts

Employee Perks Program

All 100,000 life science employees that Biocom represents can access personal discounts at over 150 local area businesses. From restaurants to fitness to family attractions, enjoy this fun perk of being a Biocom member. Employee Perks Program

Purchasing Group Events

Free educational seminars, workshops, webinars and networking events are offered to help better educate and connect procurement professionals through the Biocom Purchasing Group. Whether it is the latest product innovations, new breakthroughs in purchasing technology or cutting edge best practices, the Purchasing Group continues to bring efficiency and value to the marketplace on behalf of Biocom members. Purchasing Group Events

About Purchasing Group

Meet the team and our Board of Directors. Learn about our history and our quality control systems. Find out more


We value your opinion. And we want to hear from our membership! We invite you to share your suggestions, complaints and feedback at PGsupport@biocom.org.